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Who we are? / Know us

We came live in 2016 year, with a motive to work and hunger to conquer. now there is no stopping!!

What do we do? Know our work

Our Company is here to help all the great companies ruling the market. Traditional or Digital, we are here to show some enormous love, effort and support to the brands that people love.

Why do we do it? / Know our thoughts?

We are a bunch of curious minds with a creative soul, hungry for work and with a zeal to do the best. We strike off the things which are clichéd and fight anything which comes our way to stop us.

From the time of our inception, till now there is no stopping. We are an 50 above people strong team with each member filled with their own set of talents and ideas. Our company is the sole believer of listening to ideas from every discipline and with luck we got amazing co-workers with some amazing ideas.

More about Quadictive Infotech

Our company is an integrated digital marketing solutions providing company, pouring ideas and support in services like Website development, Mobile application, Software development, website hosting, graphic designing and much more.

Our team stands strong with due diligence, commitment and fun. We love working together to outstand our clients with commendable strategies. Market is growing and so are our opportunities, we are ready to embrace all these emerging technologies and use them for our great techniques/strategies. With the blend of creativity and technology we are geared up to present forward thinking brands to the people and motivate behavior. Our team believes in knowing the brand, getting into their shoes before presenting ideas, in order to see success we always need to stay planned and prepared. Our services tap the most core areas of marketing which affects the ROI of the business directly because we feel the root is important. We ensure to work, monitor and improvise everyday to be better each day.

Each of us love what we do and strive to do it even better. Our company is here to help, support and grow together as we understand each brand has its own set of desires. We make sure to provide holistic and timely support to the brands that people love.

Hope YOU will see that soon, Join us!

Our Work Process

Every project that Quadictive takes on is highly planned and researched, in order to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. In order to do this we gather as much background information about the company as possible, including their long and short-term goals, so as to emulate that in our project as well.

Quadictive prides itself on creating value for its clients and providing finished projects on time. For this reason, we take it upon ourselves to also create a project schedule that keeps us on track.

Since each project is an individual goal in and of itself, with its unique requirements, we make it a point to get as much input and feedback from our clients as possible, in order to align the project with their vision.

For us it is imperative to gather research-backed references and factual information which will be part of the project at hand.

At Quadictive, we believe that while individual projects have their own unique end goals, all successful projects share a few things in common-

First and foremost, we aim to make the end product as user friendly as possible. Aesthetics are a welcome addition, but functionality and efficiency come first.

Having said that, we also believe in making our products as visually appealing as possible. Design inputs from the client are given priority, with additional feedback in case any subtle style changes are being made.

Lastly, as mentioned before, we put extra emphasis on punctuality and time management.

Once the project is finished, we take into account any changes the client may like to see. After these changes are made, the final product is delivered to the client on or before the deadline.

Our Skills

  • Graphic · 80%
  • wordpress · 80%
  • HTML5 / CSS3 · 90%
  • PHP · 80%
  • MySQL · 70%

There are, quite literally, innumerable digital marketing agencies in the world. New ones are being founded by the second, and plenty of the old ones constantly revamp their style in order to keep with changing sensibilities? Hence, the question that you must be thinking is, why choose Quadictive?

Here are a few reasons why:
  • We Let You Do The Talking- There is nothing worse than a company, especially a digital marketing agency, that doesn’t listen to their clients. Our way of working, however, is different. We believe that the client knows best, hence, we take as much input from our clients as possible and then use our expertise to improve upon these ideas.
  • We Bring You Clicks- Search engines such as Google, and Yahoo, work using complex algorithms. In order to get your website on the top of such search engines, we must use SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, to cater to search engine algorithms. Quadictive has a dedicated SEO team that is trained to do just that.
Our Mission:

To excel at all levels, and keep achieving greater heights by providing new and refined services to the clients. Our firm’s success ingredient is simple, and that is pure hard work. We deliver all our services with honesty and dedication. ‘Client Satisfaction’ is the ultimate goal. With a team of experience and missionary individuals, we provide out of the box solutions and services that add value to the clients’ work.

Our Vision:

Our vision is straight, Your Success, is our growth. The entire team tries its best to outdo themselves for all the commitments. We don’t just do our task; we do our task the right way. We primarily focus on quality over quantity and that is why our results are more than expectation.

At Quadictive Infotech, we work according to HIP, which stands for Honesty, Integrity, and Passion.

  • Honesty- We believe honesty is one of the most important values any company must hold. This means honesty not just with clients but with ourselves as well. Quadictive holds in high esteem the trust that clients put in us, and we make sure to always uphold this trustworthy relationship, no matter what. We abide by all published search engine rules and evolve our systems to integrate any changes that may be made. We also make sure to use unique content and information and engage in no sorts of plagiarism.
  • Integrity- Tying into our intention to do honest work, our team also works with integrity, constantly making sure that no mistakes are made, and to own up to any that may occur by chance. We believe our clients deserve the best work possible and that our company is only as good as the promises it makes and keeps.

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